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Disabled Children Need Our Help

Over the last five years, the number of children attending school who have a recognized disability has nearly tripled. However, special needs offerings in many public schools have not increased to account for these students. A recent study on learning disabilities also reveals that nearly half of disabled children in school have been victims of bullying.

Guerra Insurance and Financial Services is announcing an ongoing campaign to help provide resources to children who most need our help.

Ambassadors for Special Needs

Our agency is a member of the #AgentsofChange movement, a network of like-minded agencies that connect across the country to provide assistance to those in need. Guerra Insurance and Financial Services is now a regional Ambassador for this movement, and our goals will be to improve educational outcomes for children with both physical and cognitive disabilities, offer direct assistance to children living with disabilities, and support outreach programs that will encourage integration and understanding.

This will be a broad ranging campaign, and we’re going to need a lot of help from other parents in our community to see it through.

Be Part of the Solution

We’re not asking for a donation. Instead, we want you to help us spread the word about this campaign. If you’re able to refer in a friend, loved one, neighbor, or co-worker, we will gladly provide them with a complimentary insurance consultation. Afterward, we will make a contribution IN YOUR NAME to a regional initiative to help provide resources to school-aged children in our area living with a disability.

Join Our Team!

By working together, I know we can improve outcomes for disabled children both here in our community and throughout the country.


Myriam Guerra

Guerra Insurance and Financial Services

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